Please register at the Camp Show


Letter to Members and Show Managers

Let me announce that the TJLA CAMP and CAMP SHOW has been moved to June 5-7th.
We plan on having CAMP as well as the n CAMP Show at that time. We are still having it at the Brazos County Expo Center in Bryan.

We will have online entries up on the web site as well as the entry form to CAMP. That should be done by next week.

Show managers need to contact me to talk about the details of their shows and whether the facilities where their shows are going to be held will allow them to go on.

I plan on publishing an on-line issue of The Showbox for May June, and a notice will go out to each one of our members as well as others on the subscription list.

We are just now getting all the membership forms back from our Tech and Camp and the Camp Show will have information in them that should give everyone the information they need.

The Stella, the hotel in Bryan is taking your reservations from now until three weeks BEFORE the show. The rate will be $109.00 a night and I will be sending out an email with that information too. That means that you must make your reservations by May 16th at the latest.

Show Managers or members who need to call me, you can reach me at 936-545-7666.