Belt Buckle Bonanza Heifer Registration


Sullivan Supply Belt Buckle Bonanza
June 27 – July 1



38th Annual
Sullivan Supply Belt Buckle Bonanza

June 27 – July 1, 2018

All Points are Doubled at the Bonanza!

Entry Deadline: June 11, 2018

After that date add $10.00 per head per ring, $.5.00 per Judge. Absolutely No Refunds – No Exchanges!

Additional information

TJLA Member Status

Member, Non-Member

Heifer Breed

ABC/ARB Heifer, Aberdeen Heifer, Angus Heifer, AOB/ORB Heifer, Beefmaster Heifer, Brahman Heifer, Brangus Heifer, Braunvieh Heifer, Charolais Heifer, Chianina Heifer, Hereford Heifer, Limousin Heifer, Main Anjou Heifer, Mini Hereford-Heifer, Polled Hereford Heifer, Red Angus Heifer, Red Brahman Heifer, Red Brangus Heifer, Santa Gertrudis Heifer, Shorthorn, Shorthorn Heifer, Simbrah Heifer, Simbravieh Heifer, Simmental Heifer

Cattle Ring Options

Composite Score Only, Composite Score & 1 Judge, Composite Score & 2 Judges, Composite Score & 3 Judges

Rings to Enter

Ring A, Ring A and B